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When I first joined Crossfit, I did so smack dab in the middle of what they call the LBN Challenge (Look Better Naked). I had never heard of Paleo, and from the tidbits I did pick up about it I knew it was a meat eater’s lifestyle type of challenge. So after about 9 months of becoming absolutely obsessed with the workouts, and doing my best to ignore this Paleo thing, I finally started to give up resisting and do a little research. I was shocked to find that websites and people even existed attempting to go Paleo Vegetarian, or gasp even Paleo Vegan (those people are TOUGH!!). If you google Paleo, you’ll come up with a TON of stuff, all revolving around a Caveman type theory. You eat the foods around you according to season, and availability. Meat is plentiful during all seasons, so guess what a main staple in this lifestyle is? Meat. Makes sense. Outside of winter you can usually get some sort of vegetable, hence the next most frequent food, and finally fruit, only really good during a few months a year. I was a little bit disappointed in myself that after nine months of doing anything possible to avoid the subject of food…the whole concept really did make sense to me. Could I survive as a caveman? Probably not, but their had to be on old Neanderthal out there that didn’t dig meat so much. Let’s be honest, it couldn’t have been easy to come out as a Vegetarian Caveman! I imagine the reactions I get from some of my fellow Crossfitters would have been similar, haha!

When I became a vegetarian I so was excited for the new change and challenges, but suddenly throughout the frequent craziness of my life, I finally realized… I had become a lazy vegetarian. My fridge was full of soy—Boca burgers, Morning Star, you name it. The lack of actual fresh food in there was alarming!! People immediately think of a vegetarian as a health conscious person, and although I was NOT eating fast food, and tons of junk, I was NOT really sticking to a healthy lifestyle. I was relying on the fact that most people just mistakenly thought I ate perfectly. Let me tell you there is nothing about some Happy Joes pizza and a HUGE bowl of ice cream that can’t make this vegetarian happy.My body had made some definite changes since I started Crossfit, but I finally have reached a plateau that I know can only be beaten in the kitchen. Yes, I’m undoubtedly stronger, and in better shape, but healthier? Hmmm, if you would have asked me “how I looked naked “when I first started I would have said, justttt fine! Now, after hitting the gym with some absolutely amazing athletes, I will always reply not good enough!

How could I even attempt such a contradictory adventure without writing about it!? So here it begins, The Confession’s of a Lazy Vegetarian: In Search of Abs.

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